Hey & a warm welcome.
Great, to have you here.

“Take a seat, grab something nice to drink & make yourself comfortable!” This is how our first coaching session could start. Here you have a lot of space to share everything which is in your mind and on your soul. There will be laughter, painting, activating exercises and maybe even a bit of singing. For the older ones, of course, it will be a bit cooler, but you are also very welcome to let out your inner child. In the coaching sessions, your topics are heard & solved in your speed. Especially with exam anxiety, pressure to perform and developing your self-esteem I can help you. Together we will find your unique strengths and talents, that help you going your way with joy and ease.

Coachings & Mentorings

1:1 Mentor-Coachings &
Small Group Coachings 

We learn that our feelings are our friends.
We recognise our undiscovered strengths.
We develop confidence in ourselves & our path.

Soul Snacks

The site to be creative, laugh, inspire & relax.
Soon you will find a colourful collection of creative ideas here to strengthen you on your hero’s journey.

Systemic Coach & Mentor

My Vision

I accompany children & young people in order to find their strength & power within themselves – to bring their radiance and their uniqueness into the world.