Carina gave an inspiring talk on “Dealing with bullying dynamics at school” as part of our Mental Health Initiative. This virtual event gathered around 20 committed parents from our company who were willing to offer their children inner support and be there as pillars of support for their children during this challenging time.

Particularly remarkable was Carina’s sincere openness and positive charisma during this online session, which led to an interested atmosphere and open discussion in the group. Carina shared playful and creative methods with the parents that helped the children to regain their inner strength and to strengthen and develop their self-esteem despite difficult situations.

We would like to thank Carina from the bottom of our hearts for her valuable work, which we hope will benefit many more parents and children. Due to the positive feedback, Carina also held another session on the topic of “Pressure to perform in everyday school life”. This session also provided parents with exciting and instructive insights.
Carina, we appreciate your knowledge and the valuable experiences you have shared with us. Your work is of great value and we are grateful to have you as a speaker on our panel.