Carina Illgner

Warmth, Openness & a sense of Clearity

  • Systemic coach (ECA certified)
  • Tutor for children & teenagers
  • Trainer for groups (full-time academic training)
  • Master of Science in International Management
  • 8 years in the field of personnel development & change management in various corporate groups


“When I grow up, I will be a teacher”.
It has always been my dream to motivate and empower children. As a little girl, I used to do the wildest gymnastic exercises in my parents’ garden to show my imaginary pupils how much strength they have and that they can reach everything they wish for. A few years later, it was clear to me: “I will be a teacher.”

After my A-levels, I initially took a different direction and decided to study business administration at “Deutsche Telekom”. There I realised very quickly that I wanted to work with people.
“I want to give workshops and help people move forward.”
So it happened that during my master’s degree in human resources development, I accompanied different projects in the field of talent management and leadership development.

Afterwards, I decided to work for a management consultancy, where I accompanied people trough change processes. After more than two years in consulting, I realised that it was time to finally follow my heart. Therefore, I did a one-year training to become a systemic coach and followed it up with a training to become a trainer & communication manager. On this journey I realised that I want to transport something into the world that is valuable to the people:

“I want to enable others to believe in themselves & walk their own path with confidence.”


“I want to give young people what often seemed to be impossible for me.”

I had a childhood with loving parents and lots of freedom. Still, I was a reserved girl who was often very afraid of making mistakes.

I put a lot of effort into my results and put lots of pressure on myself. I thought I have to perform in order to be seen and recognised. In doing so, I often exhausted myself – whether in sports, at school or in my free time. I had to be the best, otherwise I was devastated.

When I think back to that time, I see myself as a little girl with a cautious look, worried about many things. At that time, I judged myself for my fears and tried to talk them down.


I experience how many people suffer from a similar pressure to perform every day. Especially at school, students are often told that a successful life is only possible through pressure, stress and good grades.
Today I know that there is another way. I know that there are special talents and abilities in every person that make it possible to live a fulfilled life with ease.

So I have made it to my life’s mission to accompany young people in a refreshingly light way, to give them back the courage, the self-confidence and the lightness they think they have lost.