Thank you very much for your trust & openness. It was fun to witness the brave steps and the development of each and every one of you. I look forward to many more great journeys with you.



Carina gave an inspiring talk on “Dealing with bullying dynamics at school” as part of our Mental Health Initiative. This virtual event gathered around 20 committed parents from our company who were willing to offer their children inner support and be there as pillars of support for their children during this challenging time.

Particularly remarkable was Carina’s sincere openness and positive charisma during this online session, which led to an interested atmosphere and open discussion in the group. Carina shared playful and creative methods with the parents that helped the children to regain their inner strength and to strengthen and develop their self-esteem despite difficult situations.

We would like to thank Carina from the bottom of our hearts for her valuable work, which we hope will benefit many more parents and children. Due to the positive feedback, Carina also held another session on the topic of “Pressure to perform in everyday school life”. This session also provided parents with exciting and instructive insights.
Carina, we appreciate your knowledge and the valuable experiences you have shared with us. Your work is of great value and we are grateful to have you as a speaker on our panel.


Paulina, 11

The coaching sessions with Carina were very nice and lovingly designed and always well organized. I thought it was great that at the end of each session we reflected again on what we had talked about. What was also nice was that I was able to discuss current topics with Carina, even though we were actually working on a different topic. My fear of presentations is now gone, I actually enjoy them and I believe in myself.


Kathi, 43

I approached Carina when my daughter was in fourth grade and was suddenly struggling with insurmountable fears of presentation. Her main goal in working with Carina was to develop tools for more security, inner peace and self-confidence. The book presentation in front of the new class in the last school year was a quantum leap for my daughter: she felt confident and even full of joy. Today she really enjoys presenting, regardless of the subject and topic. For us as parents, working with Carina was extremely valuable. She accompanies children on their way to new strength, more self-confidence and real self-efficacy. We will certainly work together again in the future – no matter which of our children. Thank you, dear Carina, for seeing potential and accompanying growth processes with so much joy, ease and professionalism!


Dein München gGmbH

Carina accompanied the 9th season of our educational program NO LIMITS! ENTDECKE DEINE CHANCEN (2022/2023) educational program with us as a workshop leader/group leader. Over a period of six months, she was involved with a group of young people aged 14 to 16. DEIN MÜNCHEN is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes disadvantaged children and young people in Munich through various programs.

Carina accompanied the young people to various sporting and creative events as part of our educational program. Her aim within the program was to show the young people in a playful and light-hearted way that they have much more in them than they may have thought and that they can learn anything that is important to them. As a workshop leader, she designed and organized various workshop formats for personal development. Carina’s commitment and creativity in designing and running the workshops was particularly impressive. She had a keen sense for the young people and they immediately felt that they had someone at their side who wanted the best for them. Even in challenging situations, she accompanied the young people with a big heart. The young people quickly developed trust in Carina and the collaboration was based on a patient, understanding and sincere relationship.

We would like to thank Carina for the positive energy and warmth she has brought to this project and her work with the young people. We look forward to possible further steps together to help empower and support young people on their personal journey.

Antonia, 24

Carina is a treasure and helped me a lot with a decision. Thanks to her exercises, which were very exciting and playful at the same time, I was able to look at the situation from a completely new perspective and bring my body, subconscious and feelings to the table.

It was really a little aha moment and I, as more of a head person who likes to think things through, am very grateful to now have a tool to be able to look at situations from different angles. It has given me great insight, so to speak, and opened my eyes. But also for people who are not so good at letting themselves go in physical exercises, Carina has a wealth of knowledge about ways of looking at things, questions and ideas, which she knows how to use skilfully and perhaps a little intuitively with the problems of her counterparts.

Personally, I enjoyed the meeting very much and felt very much in charge. I especially liked the fact that she took so much time for me. Thank you very much, Carina!?


Dominik, 21

For me, the coaching with Carina was a new but enormously enriching experience. Although I was already very aware of my goals, I was able to gain new input and work on myself more concretely through the coaching. I think the most valuable part of the coaching was getting to know myself better and therefore gaining a good overview. Now I have even clearer ideas about my future and my career. Through the different visualisation techniques that make the coaching so special, I now look at the challenges of life with optimism and confidence.

Internationale Hochschule, IU

“Strengthen self-confidence and first professional steps.” A workshop that addresses exactly what our students have been wanting for a long time. We are very grateful that Carina was with us in November 2021 and worked out valuable impulses for their professional life with the students, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th semesters.

Many students and young professionals feel heavily burdened by external expectations and their own pressure to succeed. They can quickly slip into unhealthy behaviour where they lose sight of their own values and skills. This is exactly where Carina came in and accompanied the students to try out and get to know themselves better in the form of interactive group work. Through regular feedback, the students had the chance to recognise and assess their strengths and abilities, some of which were still unconscious.

(…) Carina’s appreciative and open-minded attitude opened the space for personal questions and individual challenges of the students.

Livia, 18

Dear Carina,

I came to you to find out what I want to do in the future, where I see myself and to get to know myself even better. And that’s what we were able to achieve with the coaching.

Your questions made me think and I started to think about topics I hadn’t dealt with before, but which could help me.

I felt very comfortable with you and was able to talk openly about my issues. Even after the coaching, I still think about certain points. Coming to you was a very good and helpful decision for my future. Thank you for that.

Sportclub Baldham Vaterstetten, SCBV

Carina conducted an interactive workshop with our B girls on the topic of “Self-confidence on the soccer field”. I was thrilled by the way she approached the young people in a playful and appreciative way. The workshop took place outdoors, which gave it a lightness and a certain practicality. The interactive exercises in particular went down very well with the girls. After this unit, we directly followed up with our football training. In this combination, Carina’s workshop was very good for our team. I had the feeling that the more reserved players in particular took a lot away from the workshop and came onto the pitch feeling stronger. The methods, the practical knowledge and the personal experiences that Carina shared with the girls quickly brought confidence and curiosity into the group.

Overall, the workshop not only serves the individual players, but also a strengthening team cohesion and the team as a whole. Thank you Carina for this valuable session and the positivity you brought to the court.