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1:1 Mentor-CoachingsSelf-confidence JourneyChildren aged 7-1495 €
EmpowermentYoung people aged 15-20 110 €
Inner-Child-JourneyAll ages 21 and up130 €
Small Group Coachings3 x 1 Std.Children aged 7-14165 €

1:1 Mentor-Coachings

  • Children aged 7-14: 95 € per unit
  • Young people aged 15-20: 110 € per unit
  • All ages 21 and up: 130 € per unit

Small Group Coachings

  • Children aged 7-14: €165 (3 x 1 h)

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Trial units

Would you like to try out one of the coaching sessions first? You will receive a 40% discount on your first session. You can get this discount by using the voucher code “FirstCoaching”, which you can enter during the booking process.

Donation-based units

To support children and young people from less privileged backgrounds, I also offer donation-based units. The amount of support depends on the available donation income.

How does the donation-based funding work exactly?

Voluntary supporters initially pay in any amount of donation. As soon as teenagers or parents apply for their child, the available donations are used to provide them with the necessary coaching session.

Would you like to make a donation? Then simply click on the button above. Here you will find all the information you need to complete the process.

If you would like to apply for a donation-based unit, simply click on the “Apply” button. You will receive more information about the application process afterwards.