Antonia, 24

Carina is a treasure and helped me a lot with a decision. Thanks to her exercises, which were very exciting and playful at the same time, I was able to look at the situation from a completely new perspective and bring my body, subconscious and feelings to the table.

It was really a little aha moment and I, as more of a head person who likes to think things through, am very grateful to now have a tool to be able to look at situations from different angles. It has given me great insight, so to speak, and opened my eyes. But also for people who are not so good at letting themselves go in physical exercises, Carina has a wealth of knowledge about ways of looking at things, questions and ideas, which she knows how to use skilfully and perhaps a little intuitively with the problems of her counterparts.

Personally, I enjoyed the meeting very much and felt very much in charge. I especially liked the fact that she took so much time for me. Thank you very much, Carina!?